At Arkansas Foodbank, we understand that healthy bodies and minds require nutritious meals at every age. However, 1 in 5 Arkansans face inconsistent access to adequate amounts of nutritious food needed to live healthy, active lives.

The county-level analysis that is part of Map the Meal Gap indicates that counties with the highest rates of food insecurity also have a higher prevalence of diabetes, obesity, and other diet-related conditions.

As part of Foodbank’s commitment to Partnership for Healthier America to increase the procurement for healthier foods, we are happy to share the we distributed more than 8.7 million pounds of fresh produce in 2021 as part of our Produce Initiative. In addition to increasing availability of nutritious foods, our Healthy Pantry Initiative provides a process for implementing practical, client-centered strategies grounded in trauma-informed principles and processes to our participating member agencies.


Nutritious, Low-Cost Recipes


Intern and Volunteer Opportunities

We support and educate future and current public health and nutrition professionals through partnerships with local universities, hospitals, and organizations. Nutrition volunteers assist with nutrition education and program development and evaluation.

For more information on volunteer opportunities available with the Nutrition Education Program contact our Nutritionist, Lauren Allbritton 501.569.4327