Faith Relations

With over 77% of the Arkansas Foodbank’s agencies being faith-based, we know the faith community has a passion for serving others and providing for the hungry. In terms of contributions, volunteers, and partnering together to resource the many food pantries and feeding programs sponsored by our congregations, this alliance has been a key ingredient in our mission. Below you will find resources to give your congregation more opportunities to get involved and learn about the important work of the Arkansas Foodbank.

Questions? Contact our Annual Giving Director: 501.569.4316

Get Involved

Start a Food and Fund Drive!

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Become a Member
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Faith Community Collaborations

Mobile distributions support

– Offer a church location for a mobile distribution and volunteers to help pack and distribute food boxes (10 people is customary).

– Boxes would likely NOT come pre-packed, so a covered space to box the food is preferred.

– Food storage space may be necessary if the food isn’t distributed on the same day; this also depends on the types of food they would distribute (i.e. frozen, perishable items). If you have any congregations interested in hosting a distribution, please send the church name, contact name, phone number, physical address and email address to [email protected]

Priority will be given to locations in areas of highest need. Please reach out to a member of our community initiatives team for more information.

new foodbank member pantries

– Help the Foodbank locate new member pantries in targeted counties in the Delta and Southern Regions of our state.  If your congregation is interested in opening a pantry or your congregation has a satellite program in these areas, please reach out to [email protected]

– If your congregation would like to fund food credits or capacity building grants for struggling pantries in our targeted communities of need, please reach out to sjon[email protected].


 Community Initiatives:  [email protected]  
Funding:  [email protected]

If you’d like to keep your congregation up-to-date about the Foodbank’s initiatives and how you can get involved, check out the following resources.

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