Urgent Need for Help with COVID-19

See below for more info on how you can help us get food out to those who are in the greatest need.

Click here to register you food drive for COVID-19

Food and Fund Drives are a great way to partner with the Arkansas Foodbank in helping us be a community that is united to fight hunger.


Food and Fund Drive Guide

Holding a Food Drive

  • We have a list of our most needed items that are available on our website or by contacting our Community Development Coordinator.
  • Get your Food Drive registered with the Foodbank by calling our Community Development Coordinator.
  • Get supplies you’ll need from the Foodbank. We have boxes, collection barrels and large totes.

Spreading the Word

  • Tell people about your Food Drive on Social Media.
  • Send out emails to co-workers, family and friends.
  • Make flyers to put on your collection boxes or barrels.

Add in a Fund Drive Component

  • For every $1 donated to the Foodbank, we can provide food for 5 meals.
  • You can do a virtual Food Drive set up by the Foodbank with your very own donation page to share with your friends and family.  Click here to start your fund drive today!
  • You can create a Facebook Fundraiser for the Foodbank in conjunction with your food drive.

Delivering Your Food Drive

  • Food pickup becomes cost prohibitive when we schedule small pickups. Only Food Drives over 500 pounds (or 500 cans of food) will be picked up by the Foodbank.
  • To drop off your Food Drive, simply contact our Community Development Coordinator at 501.569.4315 to set up a delivery time.
  • Our Warehouse is open for deliveries from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm-3:30 pm Monday – Friday.
  • Our Warehouse staff will assist you in unloading your Food Drive once you arrive.

Download our food drive guide here:



If you are interested in hosting a Food & Fund drive, please complete this form or contact our Community Development Coordinator 501.569.4315.