It’s hard to imagine that 1 out of every 5 people in Arkansas don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

But, these people are real.


They may sit next to you at church. Or be your granddaughter’s best friend.

Sarah didn’t choose to be born to a single mom who is unable to make ends meet.

Mildred didn’t choose to be left alone, deserted by her children in her old age.

Beth and Alan didn’t choose to be laid off when their employer closed the doors.


Imagine the reality of bare shelves.


Please put yourself in their shoes. Now, make a decision to help.

We’re not offering grand solutions, but instead, simple things that work. Things like volunteering to pack meals for children’s back packs, or packing boxes for seniors.

For just a few dollars a month, we can provide healthy meals to the neediest people in Arkansas.



Will you help?

Can you tell your friends? Leave a Legacy? Hold a Food Drive?


Please don’t just click through and go on about your day? Have compassion and take action.

You can make a difference. Start today!