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USDA Resources

Arkansas Foodbank member agencies may participate in the USDA Commodities Program through TEFAP. Eligibility for distribution of USDA commodities is by contract only. Once approved to receive USDA commodities, an agency must comply with all regulations set forth by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Agencies participating receive canned fruit and vegetables, rice, beans, canned meats, juices, and other staple products once a month at no cost. The variety of products change based on availability.


For more information:


Request USDA Client Card application cards: email [email protected] or contact customer service at 501-569-4304 

For more information about becoming a distributor of USDA commodities including getting a USDA application , contact the Arkansas Foodbank’s Agency Initiatives Director at 501.565.8121.

Food Resources

Inventory County Sheet
Production Record Snack and Supper
Daily Meal Documentation – Snack
Daily Meal Documentation – Suppers
CACFP Attendance Form

Senior Friendly Foods List
Serving Seniors Tip Sheet
Guide to Serving Seniors
Food Pantry Intake Form

Agency Member Training and Meetings

The Arkansas Foodbank University (AFU) and other training opportunities equip agency representatives with the skills and technologies they need to strengthen and sustain their pantries. AFU, workshops, and regional and annual meeting schedules. Contact Program Services at 501.565.4362 to get registered for AFU.

Want to become one of our partner agencies?

Arkansas Foodbank member agencies are on-the-ground food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters that provide direct services in their communities. We also work with schools, college campuses, afterschool programs and senior centers. Several factors are taken into consideration when selecting organizations for membership, including existing food pantries in the area, proximity of the food pantries to each other, proposed days and hours of distribution, and whether the organization will provide a service that is not being provided in that area.

We strongly discourage duplicated efforts, so we suggest using our Agency Locator Tool to determine if current Arkansas Foodbank members already serve your area. If you feel that there are no agencies serving your community and you would like to open a pantry.

The Arkansas Foodbank has more than 300 member agencies in our 33-county service area in central and southern Arkansas. Here you will find the tools necessary to join the Arkansas Foodbank as a partner agency and to help manage and run your agency.

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