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Stories from our Partners – Waves of Prayer









In Elaine, Arkansas, the Waves of Prayer church serves its neighbors the fourth Thursday of every month. Waves of Prayer is a TEFAP-authorized pantry, which means it can provide federal food assistance to low-income Americans at no cost. The neighbors the organization serves have many reasons to come, and they shared them with us:

  • We don’t have enough food to eat. It helps a lot. I don’t work, and I share, if I can.
  • The way prices are now, it helps. We appreciate it.
  • It helps me, my wife, and my grandbaby. My wife is in the hospital, and we need it.
  • It’s helping my sister who is a shut in. Groceries have gone up, so it’s a big help, especially when you live on one income like social security.
  • It helps because my money doesn’t last one week. I wouldn’t have food to eat for week two. Many people would not have food to eat.
  • It helps feed us. I’ve been working since I was 12. My wife and I have been together for 63 years.
  • It helps put food on the table. My daughter and granddaughter have Downs Syndrome. If you’re down and can’t get to the store, it helps. The prices of food are so expensive.

But Waves of Prayer provides also provides hope to those who come:

  • Without the pantry, we would have go to Helena. All that is there is the Dollar Store.
  • It helps out a whole lot. Most of the food I can get and it goes a long way. I’d like to have more produce. I live on a social security check.
  • This pantry is good because they give to everyone who needs it or comes but others turn you around even though people from their towns come there. The prices of goods are climbing higher and higher, and everyone has to eat.
  • It’s very important. You don’t realize until you try to go to buy it how much help you need.
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