Tribute Donations

Memorial and Honor Giving

A tribute gift is a meaningful way to convey sympathy to the bereaved, memorialize a loved one, commemorate a special occasion or honor a person’s life and accomplishments. Your gift to the Arkansas Foodbank made in honor or memory of this special person ensures a legacy that extends far into the future.

How do I make my gift?

There are three ways to make a gift:

  • Make a gift online

Donate Here!

Under Donor Information, select “I would like to dedicate this donation”.  It will then drop down for you to complete the honoree information.

  • Call the Arkansas Foodbank at 501-569-4346
  • Donate by Mail

To donate by mail, simply download the form from the link below, print it, and mail the completed donor form with your check to this address:

Arkansas Foodbank
4301 W 65th Street
Little Rock, AR 72209

Please make checks payable to Arkansas Foodbank


How do I mention Arkansas Foodbank in an obituary or recommend that gifts be made to Arkansas Foodbank in lieu of flowers?

We suggest that you use text similar to this:

The family requests that memorial gifts be made in support of feeding families, kids and seniors in need through the Arkansas Foodbank. Checks made payable to the “Arkansas Foodbank” can be mailed to:

Arkansas Foodbank,
Attn: Tributes
4301 W. 65th Street
Little Rock,  AR  72209

Or you may make a gift online at  Please indicate that the gift is in memory of [name] by writing a memo on your check or marking the “Yes, this is an honor or memorial gift” box when making a gift online.

Should I alert the Arkansas Foodbank if I would like to direct memorial gifts to the Arkansas Foodbank?

It is up to you, but we appreciate the notice. Notifying the Arkansas Foodbank in advance ensures that we are able to appropriately notify family and next-of-kin about any memorial gifts we receive.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. The name of the deceased.
  2. The name and address of any next of kin where Arkansas Foodbank may send notifications of gifts.
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